Free Food Costing SoftwareFood Cost Studio is a free food costing software program that allows you to track and control your food cost. It is not one of those cheap spreadsheets, it is a database program that is feature rich, and simple to use. The problem is that other food costing software is either really expensive or there is no free version of the software available for download.

Food Cost Studio has been designed with the end user in mind. The software was designed by a chef de cuisine who wanted something fast and a software program that would target food cost, and only food cost. The other programs are either too complicated, or simply too expensive. Let’s face it, in the kitchen, time is short and you need a tool that is easy to use and fast.

Food Cost studio is free food costing software,there is no other software like this available for free. Here are just some of Food Cost Studio’s features:

Zero in on the areas that you are losing money. Food Cost Studio can reveal to you where you are losing money, these are areas that you are not even aware of. In some cases it can be thousands of dollars per month.
Calculates nutritional information. Customers these days are demanding nutritional information. Providing this service does not lower your sales, it increases them. Your customers will thank you.
Has a built in food cost calculator that can be used to rapidly scale formulas/recipes. This is great for catering, large production runs etc…
Print recipe books that pertain to your operation. Keep things consistent when you print off full recipe books for your line cooks.
Food Cost Studio can suggest a resell price OR you enter three of your own prices and the food cost is calculated. Let Food Cost studio do the work for you, all you do is enter a few numbers.
Full costing of menus. Food Cost Studio can cost out entire menus with the click of a button. Save time and frustration when you have Food Cost Studio do the work for you.
Full costing of plates. Food Cost Studio can cost out a plate with the click of a button. A great tool for specials or for doing food cost spot checks.
Food Cost Studio can be used as a training system. Keep your line cooks on track and up to date when you use the training feature of Food Cost Studio.
Full reports. Food Cost Studio comes equipped with a full suite of reports. Print menus, recipes, costs, nutritional information recipe books and more.

Plus Much more. . .

Note: Before you can run this free food costing software, you will need a registration key. After you have installed the software, run it from the start menu or desktop, it will send this server a request for a registration key. Your key will be generated and sent to your email. If you do not do this, you cannot run the software.

After you have downloaded the software, please click here to watch the installation video. It will answer all of your questions.

We would like to thank everyone who has downloaded our free food costing software. We are now moving towards a browser based food costing solution. Please click the button below to receive advance notification about our upcoming launch.

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