lower your food cost with ethnic cuisine

The dominant reason customers dine out is to have a unique cuisine experience.
The secondary motive is convenience.

Ethnic cuisine is on the rise in both American and Canadian markets.
With that being said, it’s important to understand:

Skewered protein has more perceived value due to ethnic appeal.

This means you can charge more.

No one will pay you $16.00 for a plain chicken breast, rice and vegetables.

That’s just plain crazy talk. In fact, anyone at home can cook the example.

There is NO cuisine experience with common menu offerings.

However, the same customer will pay you $18.00 or more for ethnic-flavored-skewered chicken, rice
and vegetables.

Remember: Perceived value + unique food offerings = more dollars asked for.

This means you can charge more for something that is unique and perceived
as difficult to create at home.

Use this information to lower your food cost and pull customers through
your restaurant door.

Note: This video, explains the quickest and easiest method to professionally thread chicken onto
A skewer. This video IS NOT about marinades, or production of.

how to lower your food cost by cutting tomatoes more efficiently

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Lower Your Food Cost With Low Expenditure High Profit Menu Items

lower your food cost with pizza
Every restaurant owner knows that preventing his/her food cost from increasing is the road to increased profits. There are many ways to keep your food cost down; this article will focus on using daily, weekly and monthly specials that are low cost and high profit. What are low cost, high profit menu items? One popular dining choice that comes instantly to mind is pizza. The aforementioned menu item, when implemented correctly, can help to lower your food cost.

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